BLOG | by Frank Saez

When you can get same-day delivery, why should you wait six months for data insight?

Real-time, global sports data is no longer a figment of your imagination. Just imagine, following the weekend’s electrifying season-decider, taking a seat at your desk on Monday to discover the impact on your property’s global popularity ranking – then sharing the good news with your partners.

Or, as your crucial marketing campaign reaches its halfway point, watching as a measure of the passion of your Chinese fans plateaus – and using that data to pivot your strategy in real time.

And then imagine being able to connect that data with perceptions of 10,000 brands so you can see what your fans or customers are buying – and not buying – market by market, across the world. Imagine, then, how good your strategy and execution could be each and every time…

The good news is that, as of today, our clients needn’t imagine any more. Because today we’re launching something that has never before been seen in our industry – a daily tracking service in 38 global markets.

Users will be able to instantly quantify the size of the market for a sport, league or team. They will be able to compare the health – against 16 metrics – of 200 leagues and events. They can filter results by geography, by age, by gender and much more. They can paint a portrait of a team’s, league’s or sport’s fans which incorporates demographics, their interests and media consumption. And they will be able to see how customers of one brand – or type of product – compare to customers of another.

This comprehensive new service – YouGovSportsIndex – will produce a trove of data so rich, so detailed and so up-to-date that striking a sports sponsorship deal may never be the same again.

If all this feels like something new for the sector, that’s because it is. And as our client roster has grown, it’s something we were determined to bring to the market.

These new services have the potential to revolutionise the way sports marketing works.

We’re not saying we can go get the information you need.  We’re saying that we already have it. We’re just asking if you’d like to see it?

Visit our dedicated page to read more about what SportsIndex can do for you

BLOG | by Frank Saez

Managing Director and Founder of YouGov Sport

Recognised by his peers as one of the foremost practitioners in global sports business analysis and research, Frank has over 20 years international experience, working with some of the world’s leading sports rights holders and sponsors.